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All About Andy’s Yard

Andy’s Yard deals specifically in garden related reclamation and garden décor, you will find all sorts of unusual, quirky and interesting pieces ranging from modern through to antique. With an ever changing and expanding range of stock, there is always plenty on offer.

I source my stock from a host of people and places so naturally there is a wide variety and eclectic mix of items on offer at any one time that hopefully cater to many different tastes and styles.

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The story so far…

Hello, my names Andy, when I first started buying and selling garden related items, I would pick up whatever I could find, wherever I could find it! Before I had built up the network of people and places to both buy from and sell to, I struggled to find that many items, so I would buy anything I could from local auctions and car boots. This inevitably meant I bought items in all different patterns, shapes, sizes and designs ranging from brand new to genuine antiques and this in turn made me appeal to a multitude of people with different styles and tastes. I quickly realised that having such a large and varied stock was ironically going to be my niche, and as they say, ‘the rest is history!’

The ambition…

As mentioned already, I aim to cater to as many people as possible by bringing such an eclectic mix of items together in one place, hopefully people can be inspired and take a liking to something they wouldn’t usually go for. I want to take the allure and intrigue of a reclamation yard coupled with the affordability and conventionalism of a garden centre – add some variety from both – and combine it all into one place.

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